Portable professional fish accessories
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Portable professional fish accessories

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  • 1.Newest Design. With 3D fish eyes and long body makes Runature fishing poppers hit water fiercely, which can attract more predatory fish, especially bass walleye crappie.
  • 2.Beautiful Appearance. The fish scale texture of the bait is clear, multi-layer painting makes it rich in color. The bait body is smooth and fluent.
  • 3.High Quality. Every popper has 3 France VMC hooks, which is sharp and strong. All the connecting rings on the lure are made of high toughness and strong hardness steel rings.
  • 4.Good Action. There are steel balls in the bait, which can make the bait quickly dive and vivid action, and increase the chance of the fish hooking.
  • 5. Great Effective. Suitable for a variety of fish, it can adapt to a variety of fishing environments. A rare bait is very popular among fishermen.

Operation method:

1. Easy to operate, lower the fishing rod head after throwing and keep a stable speed recovery. After the start of the line, the bait starts to dive. Keeping the line at a certain speed, the bait will start swimming in the potential fixed swimming layer Method suitable for pelagic fish

2. Method two: When recovering at a uniform speed, gently pull the tip of the wire rod every few turns to speed up Luya, mimicking a small fish rushing away.

3. The speed of recycling, there are no rules, try more will be fine, be careful, do not pull too fast to make the bait rush forward in the water, predatory fish will not catch up


  • Type: Dive depth 0-1.2 meters
  • Lure Weight: 6.7g
  • Lure Length: 7.3mm
  • Hooks: 1x Strong Treble Hooks


  • 1 x Robotic Swimming Lure