Molliy?RockerHead 3pk Single Pack 6.99!!
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Molliy?RockerHead 3pk Single Pack 6.99!!

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Built on the innovative and patented Molliy?technique, the versatile Molliy?RockerHead takes creature bait fishing to the next level. Featuring a zinc head and a custom weedless worm hook that is easily replaced thanks to the smart wire eyelet, the Molliy?RockerHead gives an unmatched erratic action to craws, creature baits and lizards. Use it with a simple straight retrieve, yo-yo jigging, or drag it along the bottom and bounce it off of rocks and trees, and the Molliy?RockerHead will produce the best action you’ve ever seen.

The RockerHead is a jighead, reaction bait, swing head jig, all in one product. The cupped head creates a lot of erratic action. Instead of a static jighead that just moves in a straight line, it will force your whole bait to come alive and give it a lot more lifelike action, even when you’re crawling it across the bottom. The RockerHead delivers a big water displacement and will not go unnoticed in dirty water or low light conditions.

You can use the RockerHead with your favorite plastic on the back, it works great with all types of craws, creature baits and lizards.

Weight: 3/8 oz

Hook size: #4/0