5 pcs Bubble Ball Fishing Bait for only 29.99! !! (Free shipping)
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5 pcs Bubble Ball Fishing Bait for only 29.99! !! (Free shipping)

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VISUAL ATTRACTION: When the bait is thrown into the water, it quickly sinks to the bottom,  releases a large number of oxygen bubbles, creating the environment fish-like! The fish's instinct will naturally approach the bubble area quickly.

OLFACTORY ATTRACTION: Fish bait contains amino acids, fish oil and other odorous ingredients, which makes a large number of fishes around it gather in a short time and keep for a long time.    

AUDITORY ATTRACTION: The bait imitates the sound of fish feeding and keeps the gathered fish in foraging state. 

  • Suitable for freshwater and seawater.
  • Suitable for 95% of fishes.
  • Recommended for water depths of 2-5 meters.
  • 1 Ball lasts at least 1-2 hours underwater!


  • White (milk flavor) for Crucian, Carp, Grass carp, Silver Carp, Tilapia
  • Orange (fishy flavor) for sea fishing, Perch
  • Red (musk flavor) for Crucian, Carp, Grass carp, catfish, Tilapia
  • Yellow (grain flavor) for Crucian, Carp, Grass carp, Bullhead, Perch


  • Size: 20 mm in diameter
  • Last time: more than 1 hour
  • Packaging includes:Bubble Ball Fishing Bait*5


1. Do harm to the water environment?

The main ingredient of this ball is grain, which has no effect on water quality. The bubbles that attract the fish are only releasing oxygen bubbles.

2. How to use it best?

First, find the fishing position, drop the ball bait near the fish nest, and wait 3 minutes then start fishing. The best effective way is to use the ball bait wrapped in the bait.

3. What's the difference between different flavors?

The amount of fish oil,amino acid, oxygen content, and smell released by the different colors bait are all different during the dissolution process, which will attract different fish differently.

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